What is TTL?

TTL is an acronym for Time To Live, which is a number that represents the amount of seconds a domain name server should cache the result of a domain lookup. During the cached period the name server will serve the cached response rather than returning to the authoritative name server and re-requesting the domain information lookup.

Not all name servers respect the TTL value of domains and will cache lookups based on their own internal configurations.

What is Aux?

Aux is an auxiliary value which represents a weighting of a domain name record, with lower values indicating a higher significance. Aux values are very important when used with MX records as they indicate a preference of mail server.

What is a domain record?

A domain record represents a piece of information about a domain. There are several record types available:

  • A records: An A record is a pointing from a name to an IP address, such as www ->
  • MX records: An MX record allows for inbound email to a domain to reach the correct mailservers
  • CNAME records: A CNAME is a canonical name record which is a little akin to an alias. It allows for the pointing of a name to another name, such as www.example.com to www.newcompany.com.
  • TXT records: A TXT record is a small piece of textual information which provides flexible functionality for a domain. TXT records are commonly used for SPF, an anti-spam mechanism, which specifies which mailservers are allowed to send email for a specific domain.

The Dcentral control panel allows for creation and removal of all the above record types. Changes made are immediate.