All about support

Support desks offer a high level of engagement and assistance in an IT-based business, especially if used effectively. We encourage all our customers to use the ticketing system and to log tickets by emailing with concise, useful information so we can assist as efficiently as possible.

What we need from you:

Always open a new ticket for a new request. Please do not re-open an old support ticket, unless the request is related to the original request, as this can be very misleading to the technicians on the desk. You can group similar requests on one ticket.Include important information such as company name, name, surname and email address of user needing assistance if not yourself, as well as the mobile / direct number in case the technician needs to get in touch. Most of our support tickets refer to the following services and requests.

Hosting / Domains
Whitelist or blacklist domains: List email address or domain.

Email Branding
Signature not showing: List email address.
Images and formatting of signature not showing: List email address, device and mail client being used.

Microsoft Licensing
Password reset: List email address.
Add or remove licenses: List license type and number to be added or removed. If we should allocate the licenses for you, indicate the email address(es), name and surname.
Add or remove user: List email address, name and surname.
Email bouncing / mail delivery issue: List error message, include the time and date of error experienced, and include a screenshot of any error if possible.
Assistance with mail set up required: Baseline technical details including the devices being used (iPhone, PC, etc.), the operating system and version (Android Nougat, MacOS 10.12, etc.), The mail client being used (Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), the Microsoft Office version with regards to Outlook mail client (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, etc.) 

Please also keep in mind that our technicians will only action password resets and license changes from approved contacts such as yourself and will always need a support ticket which we can keep on record. This is for your email security.

We understand that when you log a ticket with support, you need assistance ASAP. Tickets are allocated to the correct person who will work through and resolve their tickets as soon as they possibly can. It is not necessary to cc or bcc anyone at the domain. If you have emailed support and have received a ticket number, rest assured that we will get back to you. Finally, cc’ing multiple support desks causes mayhem on the ticketing system. Try to decide who you need help from and mail one support desk without cc’ing any others.
Remember remote access support and Outlook troubleshooting is billed per 15 minute intervals a technician spends on your issue, and the more informed the technician has to hand, the quicker they are likely to be.Your email branding and 365 licensing specialists,The Databias Support Team.

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