What is a domain record?

A domain record represents a piece of information about a domain. There are several record types available:

  • A records: An A record is a pointing from a name to an IP address, such as www ->
  • MX records: An MX record allows for inbound email to a domain to reach the correct mailservers
  • CNAME records: A CNAME is a canonical name record which is a little akin to an alias. It allows for the pointing of a name to another name, such as www.example.com to www.newcompany.com.
  • TXT records: A TXT record is a small piece of textual information which provides flexible functionality for a domain. TXT records are commonly used for SPF, an anti-spam mechanism, which specifies which mailservers are allowed to send email for a specific domain.

The Dcentral control panel allows for creation and removal of all the above record types. Changes made are immediate.