Microsoft Cloud Agreement

As a registered Microsoft Partner Databias is responsible for ensuring that you – our valued customer – are up to date with your licensing.

Microsoft updated their Terms and Conditions in August this year and as of the 7th November 2018, all CSP’s have been unable to change customers accounts that have not agreed.

The agreement terms refer mostly to security, privacy and data protection and can be found here.

TNEF and winmail.dat – what’s that?

Do you ever see strange attachments to your emails named winmail.dat? This is a relic from the days when Microsoft monopolized the desktop operating system and decided to create it’s own format for the transmission of email (completely ignoring already well established conventions). The called this oddity Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (or TNEF for short).

Some email readers (like OSx’s Mail or Mozilla’s Thunderbird) and email transfer agents (the server software that passes your email along until it reaches your mailbox) don’t support TNEF and sometimes strange things happen which cause emails to display with winmail.dat attachments. Continue reading “TNEF and winmail.dat – what’s that?”

Microsoft Project licenses

Microsoft Project is an amazing tool for collaborative management of both large and small projects with one or many team members, multiple deliverables, progress tracking, budgeting, scheduling and more. However, with all the features available, figuring our which 365 Project licenses you require for your project can be a little daunting. In this article we try to demystify the licensing of Microsoft Project. Continue reading “Microsoft Project licenses”

Do you charge for support?

We do not charge for our first level support services such as configuring email clients on mobile, OS X and Windows desktops, licensing queries and email routing and delivery. This includes telephonic and remotely accessed support such as TeamViewer.

How can I get in touch with support?

We currently have 2 methods of getting in touch with our support team:

  • Emailing
  • Initiating a live chat conversation via our website

In future you will be able to create requests for support via the Dcentral interface, however this feature is still currently in beta and as such not available for use. Support requests will NOT be initiated via telephone, Whatsapp or SMS. Our support team is trained only to act on existing tickets and no changes will be made until the requester has been positively authenticated.