How to install Teamviewer?

Sometimes, you may run into a problem, that is too difficult to troubleshoot over the phone or via e-mail, and we need to take a look remotely. This saves both parties time and will get the problem resolved quicker.


Step 1.

Download TeamViewer from this this link.


Step 2.

Open downloaded file and install TeamViewer with the on-screen instructions.


Step 3.

Open TeamViewer and you will see an ID and Password under the Remote Control section. Please forward those details on to us and we will log on to your computer remotely.


PS: The ID and Passwords expire each time a session is closed, so we cannot log into your computer with the same credentials again.



I would like to resell your products and provide my customers with a packaged service. What options are available to me?

We wanted to provide our resellers with the tools necessary in order to manage several dozen of their own customers, which is why we designed Dcentral, our customer self-service control panel, with all the options necessary in order to do so. Resellers can use Dcentral to:

  • Create and edit a new companies in order to add them to your profile
  • Edit the company contacts, billing details and view past invoices
  • Purchase new domains at commodity pricing
  • Manage domain settings and resource records
  • Provision licensing for services such as Exchange Online and Azure
  • Assign licensing to users and manage all customer mailboxes centrally

If there is any functionality that you are a reseller would like to see in Dcentral please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our products are being continuously developed and upgraded to make our and your customers licensing, domain and email management a cinch.

What do I do if I need help?

Databias’ offices are open during the week from 8am to 5pm, excluding public holidays. We are a distributed team with support personnel operating from various locations across South Africa. Our support system is primarily email based but we also offer live chat on our website as well as telephonic support.