Microsoft Project licenses

Microsoft Project is an amazing tool for collaborative management of both large and small projects with one or many team members, multiple deliverables, progress tracking, budgeting, scheduling and more. However, with all the features available, figuring our which 365 Project licenses you require for your project can be a little daunting. In this article we try to demystify the licensing of Microsoft Project.

Current licenses

With Project Online Essentials you can get the following
1. Web-based interface for team members
2. Update tasks, issues, and risks
3. Submit timesheets
4. Share documents and collaborate with Skype for Business presence

Project Online Professional is for Project Managers.
Note: Includes all Project Online Essentials features
Note: Desktop client is only for 1 user (5 pc’s)
1. Rich user interface through desktop client
2. Anytime/anywhere access through Web interface
3. Project scheduling and costing
4. Resource management
5. Publishing projects to the cloud
6. Includes the most current version of the Project desktop application, instantly streamed to your Windows PC.
7. Each subscription license allows for up to five concurrent installations of the Project desktop application.

Project Online Premium is for Portfolio and resource managers
Note: Includes all Project Online Professional features
1. Portfolio selection and optimization
2. Demand management
3. Enterprise resource management
4. Out-of-box portfolio reports


Discontinued licenses

Project Pro for Office 365
Note: Discontinued
Project Pro for Office 365 was a desktop client that you used to connect to Project Online or use as standalone, but it was retired by Microsoft. The alternative now is Project Online Professional, which includes the desktop app.

Project Online
Note: Discontinued
Project Online was retired and the alternative now is Project Online Premium.


Feel free to check out our pricing on Project Online licenses here.

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