Phishing Attacks

Microsoft 365 email is very secure and Microsoft works tirelessly to stop hackers. At Databais we also work hard to prevent hackers from bothering you through using SPF, DKIM and DMARC. The sad truth however is that criminals are working just as hard at finding ways around all the security we have in place. It is therefore also your responsibility to be vigilant when it comes to email security because the only way the hackers can really get access is if you give them the power by filling in your details when they ask you to via a phishing email.

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Coding for Outlook

Coding for email is a fine art as there are so many variables that one needs to take into consideration, none the least of which are the different mail clients and what they do or do not support. Each is unique. As the third most used mail client in the world, Outlook has idiosyncracies that are of course different to those of Gmail and the 2016 release has its own set of requirements. Here are some things to be aware of

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The ability to meet virtually is an important and cost-effective feature for businesses today, which is why Microsoft Teams is so topical. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. Continue reading “Teams”

Why does my signature look broken in replies?

You have spent time and money making your signature look amazing. You have tested it with your agent at Databias and given approval for it to go live across all your employees’ mail boxes. Then you receive a forward from a reply to a reply of a reply to an original email from one of your employees and scrolling down to read the thread, notice that the signature is not looking as it is supposed to at the bottom.

Why? Where have the images gone? Why is there this alt text there instead, making everything move out of alignment?

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Securely updating your WordPress site

Databias is crazy about the security and performance of your WordPress website – we want your site to perform the best that it can whilst remaining secure and convenient to use.

With this in mind, we implement free SSL certificates on all sites hosted with us and enable the cutting edge HTTP2 protocol for blazingly fast transfer speeds for any visitors to your site.

In addition, in order for you to connect to and update your WordPress site, we enforce strict encryption and security using FTP over the SSH2 protocol. Unlike HTTP2, there are one or two things customers need to do in order to get up and running with SSH FTP, but don’t worry, it’s really straight forward.

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