I have received a spam email – what now?

Unfortunately, spam is a fact of life and all spam email should obviously just be deleted. In order to ensure that you do not receive the same email again you can log into the Dcentral control panel and add the sender address to your personal list of spam addresses.

Exchange / 365 mailboxes can add additional licensing in order to mitigate the spam they receive.

If you feel you are receiving way too much spam please log a support request so a member of our team can investigate.

I’m having problems sending email from my POP account

Please configure SMTP authentication on your email client in order to route your outbound email via Databias’ email servers rather than your connectivity provider’s email servers. You should use the same user name and password for sending email as you do for receiving email when configuring your email client application (Outlook, MacMail etc.).

Please note that some connectivity providers forcefully reroute outbound email traffic via their own email servers. As such, please always ensure that you have enabled encryption on your email traffic and that you utilise the default ports offered by your mail client.