Email signature best practices

Your email signature – a powerful, low-cost and high-return marketing tool.

Consider that an employee on an average sends out 40 emails every day to either to a company’s customers, prospects, partners or investors. If there are 20 employees who are active on their email for 250 business days, it amounts to 200,000 annual sends.

Now consider the brand visibility you could ensure through a good email branding campaign with well designed signatures and banners. It is easy with Databias and here are some guidelines to consider when building your campaign.

The basics
A maximum of 7 lines is ideal size of a professional email signature. This should contain your key contact details, social media icons and advertising message.

  • Your key contact details should always be in the color of the email body text for consistency.
  • Links can be in different colors.
  • Maintain a fixed font type and size throughout the mail. You can experiment with the font but it’s better to stick to the websafe fonts, so as to ensure legibility across devices and email clients.

Take advantage of the fact that your recipients are already online. By providing a link to your website, you are giving them an option to re-engage and stay connected with you. Links can be of two types: Text links and Image links. For business email signatures, image links such as the company logo are a lot more effective.

Include links to social media pages on which you post regular updates – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc to keep your subscribers hooked to your brand.

You can change your professional email signature to reflect the happenings in your company. Create a simple banner, with a link to a landing page describing the details of an event or trade show, and place it at the top of your email or below your main email signature.

Your email signature is the perfect place to promote new campaigns or offers or even a white paper, eBook or industry report you just published. You can create an attractive banner or just add a plain text link. Track the performance of your offers and push the best performers to boost your ROI.

Get in touch with Databias today and let us help you plan your email branding campaign.