Image Blocking FAQ

How can I improve the chances of my html signature’s images being shown?

Ask to be added to people’s known senders lists. Some email clients will load images automatically, as long as the recipient has marked you as a known sender.

Why do some email clients block images by default?

Image blocking stops spammers from abusing the data that can be obtained from users that download images, such as whether the user opened the email as well as their location.

Is there any way to force recipients to download images in my html signature?

We cannot force other users to download images in their email clients, if it is their preference not to.

Why are the images in my email coming through as attachments sometimes?

We cannot force images to be shown in email clients where users have settings to block images. When your recipients do press the download images link, the images will show correctly, in the body of the email. Please be assured our code has been developed and tested over time by a Development Team that works consistently with email signatures, and we do all that we can to ensure maximum compatibility between email clients. But no code in the world can force users to download images if they have settings enabled to block images.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that your images will be viewed inline or that your signature will look exactly as it’s intended, as this is controlled at the destination not at the source. We can only ensure that we are using the best HTML code possible for maximum compatibility between supported email clients. Also, we can not control what signatures look like on reply emails.

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