Why does my signature look broken in replies?

You have spent time and money making your signature look amazing. You have tested it with your agent at Databias and given approval for it to go live across all your employees’ mail boxes. Then you receive a forward from a reply to a reply of a reply to an original email from one of your employees and scrolling down to read the thread, notice that the signature is not looking as it is supposed to at the bottom.

Why? Where have the images gone? Why is there this alt text there instead, making everything move out of alignment?

This problem is caused by unwanted email conversion, and is likely to occur in particularly long conversation threads, where a message passes through multiple servers and is viewed on many email clients. In such cases, embedded images can be completely removed, compressed, modified, or their quality significantly reduced. Every time the user clicks the Reply or Forward button, their email client modifies the entire message thread by adding reply header and preparing a place for the reply text. Since there are many email clients on the market (including smartphones and other mobile devices), each with its own rules for processing long message threads and embedded images, there is no universal solution to this issue.

  • Some email clients will block images in email signatures by default
  • Some will show images in email signatures by default
  • Some will allow users to change settings to unblock images in email signatures from particular email addresses and/or domains
  • Some will allow users to change settings to unblock all images in email signatures from all senders and
  • Some will provide alternative text (ALT text) where images would have been shown if they were not blocked.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that your images will be viewed inline or that your signature will look exactly as it’s intended, as this is controlled at the destination not at the source. We can only ensure that we are using the best HTML code possible for maximum compatibility between supported email clients. Also, we can not control what signatures look like on reply emails.

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