What can I do to make my emails look less like spam?

Sometimes, your mail will end up in your recipient’s spam or junk box, and they will not see your mail. This can sometimes lead to missed deadlines etc, so here is some guidelines to ensure that your mail does not get marked as spam

  • Don’t use all caps anywhere in your email or its subject line.
  • Don’t leave subject line blank.
  • Don’t use exclamation points!!!!!
  • Don’t use video, Flash, or JavaScript within your email.
  • Don’t use spam trigger words. Here is a link that shows common spam trigger words.
  • Don’t use a red font when drafting your emails.
  • Don’t forget to use spell check.
  • Don’t use an overwhelming number of images, or huge images.
  • Do keep emails short.
  • Don’t insert odd characters or tabs in the subject line or body.