SSL certificates

Have  you ever seen a website URL start with HTTP and some with HTTPS? The extra “s” stands for secure (so a secure version of HTTP).

You know a website is secured with an SSL certificate if the URL contains HTTPS and you will see a “Secure” box next to the URL.

There are a few reasons why you need a SSL certificate:

  1. The connection between you and the webserver is secure, meaning nobody can see what you are submitting to the server. For example credit cards, cell numbers etc. will all be encrypted.
  2. Modern browsers will warn a user when a website is not configured with SSL. This scares your visitors and will make them reluctant to trust you. This affects all websites and not just ecommerce sites.
  3. SSL certs boost your SEO, which means your website will rank higher up in a Google search.

Databias offers self-provisioned SSL certificates for free (using a certificate authority named LetsEncrypt). Contact us today if you want a SSL certificate installed on your domain.